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Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems have long been used by larger high street retailers but historically the cost of implementing these systems has been prohibitive for small to medium sized businesses. Now by working with Grand Retail, any small to medium sized business can reap the benefits of an affordable EPOS system.

Speed, Accuracy & Price Control

  • Barcode scanning of goods improves the flow of customers and helps to eliminate pricing errors - because the price is held by the product file, not entered by the cashier
  • No need to price items individually - say goodbye to the pricing gun
  • Customer specific pricing and discounts are automatically used by the till
  • Immediately produce printed invoices on a printer from the till
  • Product price and stock level enquiries can be performed at the till
  • Accurate VAT reporting with products pre-defined as VATable or not.

Stock Control

  • Stock levels are updated automatically as products are sold
  • Re-order based upon what you have actually sold, not what you think you might have sold
  • Increase profitability by keeping less stock
  • Better slippage control by always knowing what you have sold and when
  • Accurate stock control based upon actual sales

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