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Our point of sale systems provide two ways to use chip & PIN card payment technologies: -

If you use a bank PDQ device (e.g. Natwest Streamline, Lloyds TSB Cardnet, Barclays Merchant Services etc.) then Sage POS can work with that. These PDQ devices are not linked to the till so you manually type the sale value into the PDQ machine before getting the customer to enter their PIN. The PDQ machine prints its own merchant and customer copies of the sales voucher. You then simply register that a card payment has been made by pressing the card button on the till.

Sage POS works with Ocius Sentinel, a pre-approved Chip & PIN solution from Verifone, the UK's leading developer and provider of debit and credit card payment processing systems.

When someone pays by credit or debit card the Sage POS till automatically sends the sale value to the Chip & PIN pad and waits for the customer to enter their PIN. Card authorisation is then obtained immediately via a broadband link (that is shared by all tills on your network). The merchant and customer sales vouchers are then printed on the till's customer receipt printer, followed by the normal customer receipt. On screen prompts keep the operator informed of what is going on at all times.

Grand Retail is an authorised Verifone Business Partner and can supply, install and provide training on Ocius Sentinel and its integration with Sage POS software.

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