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Integration with back office accounts

  • Product files, customer details, prices and sales terms held within the accounts system are published automatically to the tills
  • Special customer pricing/discounts, account on stop and credit limit status are automatically applied by the tills
  • Perform credit sales on account and obtain a proof of purchase signature at the till
  • Take payments on account at the till which automatically update the customer account in the sales ledger
  • Automatically update stock movements and sales values in the accounts system without any manual re-keying

Security & Reporting

  • Assign security levels to till operators to control who can do what
  • Control access to discounts, price corrects, voids etc. per user
  • Electronic audits of all till activity
  • All reporting available per operator, per till or store-wide reporting
  • Best sellers, slow movers, daily product/category sales
  • Custom reporting to meet a specific requirement
  • E-mail reports and till activity automatically from the till at the end of the day

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